Silver Portfolio Data Solutions

Silver’s Portfolio Data solutions provide firms with a complete picture of their entire book of business by delivering an automated, reconciled source of portfolio and relationship management data in support of the powerful reporting of performance and risk measurement, data analytics, and key performance indicators (KPIs) that firms care about.
Automate the creation of multi-tier account householding and grouping, via data interfaces with customized rule sets.
Access account and group data from automatically configured entitlements customized for your firm, from home office, advisor and manager access, to individual investor permissions and full admin capabilities.
Create powerful performance reports using before and after tax portfolio returns and asset allocation data created by Silver’s fully GIPS compliant calculation engine.
Compare performance returns and risk measurements to user defined benchmarks including weighted blends of securities and/or indexes.
Put performance returns into context by correlating them with risk measures your firm cares about like alpha, beta, Sharpe ratio, standard deviation, and many more.
Fully understand your firm’s practice by leveraging “big data” insights and KPIs that matter to you. This includes firm metrics such as gross revenues, growth indicators like revenue increases from existing, new, and retained clients, and distribution measures like average revenue per client, advisor, branch, and more.

Case Study – FinTech Provider

Silver’s Portfolio Data solution was implemented for a cloud based software provider, powering an innovative advisor workstation and robo-advisor platform which supports numerous RIA firms. Silver’s Portfolio Data solution provides the central access point for portfolio data, relationship management, and data entitlement information, as well as acting as the source of aggregated data for performance reporting and fee billing calculations. Automated portfolio data interfaces with a large custodian, an external rebalancing provider, and a third party data aggregation service provide turnkey access to extremely rich client data which seamlessly integrates with the advisor workstation platform through Silver’s RESTful API.