Silver Cost Basis Solutions

Cost Basis Done Right - After years of working with your current solution, you've learned the good, bad, and ugly of cost basis processing — and you know it can be done better. Silver Cost Basis is the modern enterprise-class solution that does cost basis right.
Supply back-office data in your existing formats and use your existing reference data providers via flexible data adaptors.
Receive cost basis data every day in plenty of time for market-open using enterprise-grade scaling features including parallel processing, snapshots, lockpoints, and archiving.
Reduce operations overhead using zero-break corporate actions, real-time detailed exceptions, and virtual wash sale sublots — or outsource operations to us.
Leverage scalable distributed architecture or managed private cloud deployment to reduce infrastructure costs.
Go beyond reporting compliance by offering real-time tax lots, cost basis analyzers, and value added reports.
Give your operators and clients the tools to easily explain and understand tax lot adjustments with detailed lot-lifecycle Clarity reports.

Case Study – Retail Broker

A leading online broker with a large mix of active traders and buy-and-hold investors needed help after the cost basis solution offered by their back office provider failed to meet their needs. In only four months, Silver integrated its cost basis platform and processed a year’s worth of activity in time to meet the initial reporting deadline. Silver’s Cost Basis solution continues as the broker’s cost basis “book of record”, processing over 500,000 daily transactions and supporting year-end 1099 reporting for over 5 million accounts with more than 350 million closed lots and 650 million wash sale sublots to date.

Case Study – Prime Broker

Silver helped a major prime brokerage services provider add wash sales and fixed income processing capabilities to an existing portfolio accounting system. We did this without disrupting their current business and technical processes. Where other providers were unable to handle the extremely high-volume typical of prime accounts, Silver’s solution scaled to meet their needs, processing over 200,000 debt lots and more than 250 million wash sale sublots in just 3,500 accounts (some with millions of transactions). All was accomplished without requiring any ongoing stock record reconciliation, thereby minimizing operational overhead.