Silver Fee Billing Solutions

Simply Fee Billing - Streamline and organize complicated billing processes, guard against fee leakage, reduce operational risk, and provide transparent fee calculation details. Silver Fee Billing is the essential adaptable fee billing platform.
Generate fees using flexible fee methodologies configured for your firm and programs.
Simplify fee management with hierarchial fee schedule assignments, exclusions, and discounts.
Automate manual, error-prone relationship hiearchy management with configurable billing groups.
Leverage auto-billing and detailed reports to correct issues throughout the billing period and collect fees without delay.
Identify accounts opened, closed, or changed and know fees due and rebates payable every day.
Explain and understand fees and revenues with detailed Clarity reports and analytics at every level of your firm.

Case Study – RIA

Silver’s Fee Billing solution helped an RIA firm with more than 500 advisors move from a manually intensive and error prone, outsourced billing process, managed with spreadsheets to a fully automated and integrated cloud-based solution. This enabled the firm to move away from maintaining fee schedules at the individual account level, and allowed them to set up UMA sleeve default schedules with account overrides. This resulted in a dramatic reduction in the number of fee schedules, reducing errors and risk while alleviating operational strain. Silver’s Fee Billing implementation automated the valuation of assets and creation of account groups through an automated data interface with one of the largest custodians servicing independent RIAs including debit file integration.